Available at Chatwin Books A quiet intimacy and strength run through this collection of free verse and prose poems, each paired with a black-and-white landscape photograph from the Pacific Northwest and the American Southwest. Poet Charles Finn and photographer Barbara Michelman weave a tapestry of words and images from the natural world into a single, timeless strand. Ten years in the making, in this sparse yet lyrical work, poem and image become reflections of one another. With its emphasis on birds, the innate holiness of nature, and experiences shared by an unnamed couple, On a Benediction of Wind is an invitation to leave the distractions of the modern world behind—and listen once again to "the confessions of snow" and "the breathing of stones". To the Mountain He arrived quietly in the night Met a wild fawn upon the way Trillium in full bloom The snow that remained. The mountaintop was strong. No flowers. The valley below looked beautiful. Ravens flew away with his regrets. He chewed an alder twig for strength. Placed his heart beyond his hands. The commotion in his lower life was leaving. He told the clouds, “It is time.” On a Benediction of Wind will be published in fall 2021. Those who pre-order will receive their books early as soon as copies roll off the press (and review copies go out), in appreciation for your support. This beautiful book will be printed in duotone (a tonal black and white printed in full color), in a 5 x 7 inch format small enough to carry along on back country wanderings.

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